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Permanent orthodontic braces are often used in patients with all fixed teeth; The treatment period is around 2 years. In order to begin proper treatment DIAGNOSIS must be carried out and next TREATMENT PLAN is defined.

In the framework of diagnosis, we make two X-ray pictures (pantomogram and telerentgenogram) as well as plaster jaw-bones model. The next stage is that a doctor will come up with TREATMENT PLAN, which determine:

• total cost of treatment
• the effect, which is to be obtained at the end of treatment (ultimate setting of teeth)
• treatment period
• any additional elements  needed to treat defined malocclusion
Remarks :

a/ it might happen that the end effect of treatment defer from previously assumed as medical treatment is not in 100% predictable.

b/ often two lower and upper orthodontic braces are used (even if the patient sees a defect only in one part), because the lower and upper teeth should „fit” each other and touch themselves in a preciously defined way, in order for the treatment results to be long lasting and for the defect not to “ return”

During treatment procedure – a patient comes for control visit every 4 weeks; After completion of treatment using permanent braces, patient wear removable braces (or any other reatiners), which sustained teeth setting for a period of 1 to 2 years.



Used to treat young patients (6-8 years). They make it possible to use and control the patients’ growth processes. The braces should be worn for a minimum of 2 hours during the day and be worn the whole night.

The removable braces do not give a 100 percent guarantee of cosmetic effect in grown ups. At times, in spite of wearing removable braces, it is necessary to shift to permanent ones.  In case of tough cases – two-stage treatment is necessary:

1.Stage one – removable braces, between 6 and 10 years, minimum treatment period – one year

2.Stage second – permanent braces, after growth of all the permanent teeth
(alternatively after end of growth period) – depends on the type of “bite” defect.